Will I get one of these?

Will I get one of these?

Meet foto.sosho, the world’s first digital camera and app combination for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Created by musician and entrepreneur will.i.am, foto.sosho turns your regular iPhone into a stylish digital camera with photo filters, image editing, and instant social media upload. It’s a fast, creative and fun way to take and share pictures with everyone you know and love.
Show off your style with the foto.sosho V.4, where your iPhone 4s becomes a stylish, vintage-looking camera. Its built-in flash and interchangeable lenses enable you to capture images just like a regular camera. Photo filters, image editing, and social media upload allow you to instantly share great shots with family and friends. It also comes with a slide-out keyboard, which means messaging or even working on the go is stylishly easy.

Just Like a Pro

Designed for photo capture right out of the box, its standard package includes three additional lenses to suit all photography styles. foto.sosho with its built-in flash and interchangeable lenses combines the form & function of a camera with the real time nature of the iphone.

Fashionable Like You

The foto.sosho V.4 makes a sure style statement with its vintage looks. Fitting over your iPhone 4s, you can further customize your foto.sosho with straps, headphones, a carrying case and more to bring out your individual style.

Will I get one of these? Well, one things for sure- ill certainly be getting something like it at the very least. It’s a sure sign of the times and the humble phone camera has really now become, a camera in its own right.

For more info hit http://i.am/


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