Cool things just got cooler!

Cool things just got cooler!

One of the challenges I have set myself, is letting go of the old world tools- the DSLR, the Mac and photoshop, in favour, of just one new world tool – the iphone.
or at least the iPad, free apps and and an additional telephoto iphone lens to be completely honest..
but with these tools, coming in at under a 599 USD for the lot, it is a massive drop in price on what used to potentially cost me thousands

This really does mean, the world is about to become, in the next year or two, a massively talented place- as folk who once had not the disposable income to even try their hand at design or photography, suddenly explode onto the scene with a few hundred dollars worth of gear.

This particular logo redesign I have just done for “Cool things online” was built using free apps on my iPad. It’s nowhere near as precise as Photoshop -but when most of my market are viewing this on their iPhone, suddenly the mm precision once required is downsized even further- My eye is probably accurate enough to act as a ruler in most cases now.

Overall, it’s a sure sign that a massive shift in the way we do things has now occurred- and over the next wee while, maybe a year or so, we will start to see a massive shift in who does things most of all.

I expect the minimum age for workers Is seriously about to be become a big problem.


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