..So your sitting in heaven having a beer with God.

..So your sitting in heaven having a beer with God.

So your sitting in heaven having a beer with God.

“Life in heaven is good’ you say, The great silence of the heavens expanse, laid out for miles around you.
The heavenly father beside you says, “yep, it’s a good life Son “
You nod in agreement and sip your beer. – “I never get hangovers up here!”
You both laugh and sip again.

He turns towards you and says “- but don’t you miss hangovers?”
You laugh and recall the tough times you faced..
“well, no not really?.. I miss the taste of beer on earth, yea of course, I miss the taste of food on earth, but I don’t miss hangovers!”

God almighty looks down, then back up directly at you.
“You miss earth?”
“..Yea, yea I do”
“Its time for you to go back Son. “
you look down at your beer and know its not really there. Just a figment of your magical memory.
You know that you can’t really taste it, or anything for that matter here- just one of the realities of being unreal.

He speaks up “Do you want a fast easy life? Or a long hard one??” a magical mouse scurries away below you, off on its way to do magical duties of endlessness.
You smile “..really..? I can choose??
He roars into laughter- the very balance of the Heavens is shaken. He replies “Your sitting high in the Heavens having a beer with God! You can have what ever you want!!”
“Though..” he continues more seriously, “whatever you chose to have in life you cannot bring back. The more you have down there- the more you will have to lose.
If you decide to have money, I will give you money- if you choose love, you will have love; Regardless of whatever you may choose however, you will at some point, need to let go and return- so choose wisely.”
He sits back in his chair – takes a sip of his beer, looks out to the vast ocean of time and smiles.
“letting go of life itself will be the hardest of all, for after all your trials- the feeling of being alive will be what you most desire -I say take the hard road.”

The next thing you know you are halfway through your life, you feel pain every day, There is no escaping it.
You have bills to pay and mouths to feed, but you are alive, you are here on earth. The magic of being conscious whilst here is incredible.
Being weighed down by these very things is what makes you solid. Nothing can make you feel more “alive’ than feeling pain, or feeling fear.
Learn to enjoy these aspects as much as you enjoy love as much as you enjoy money-
for without doubt at one point they will all be gone. You will at some time return to nothingness and become one with it all over again..

..And if you are wise enough, you may just recall- having a beer with God in Heaven as you read these words right now.



  1. ti the last 2 paragraphs —> bravo. (the rest of it was well done too).

    • primopromo · March 21, 2013

      🙏 Thank you so much for your critic 🙏 I wanted so much to write this while alive in my mind, yet had so little time to squeeze it together today. – I am glad that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. HoneyCutie93 · March 24, 2013

    Very much enjoyed this. I like it… A LOT!

    • primopromo · March 24, 2013

      Haha thanks Honeycutie (man..what we’ve only just met-.. can I call you that..? Haha jokes) 🙂

      This is, I guess, the basis of my beliefs, so very glad that you enjoyed it- a lot. 🙂

      • HoneyCutie93 · March 24, 2013

        Oh PrimoPromo… This is all so sudden! -laughs along with the joke- But yes, I enjoyed it, a lot, to say the least.

      • primopromo · March 24, 2013

        Awesome thanks honey, I mean, Honeycutie haha. Classic name. )

      • HoneyCutie93 · March 24, 2013

        -smiles- It was a childhood nickname based off of my last name. It just kinda… Stuck 😀

      • primopromo · March 24, 2013

        Nice 🙂 thanks for all your support – it is appreciated. I’ll keep an eye on your work too 🙂

      • HoneyCutie93 · March 24, 2013

        You’re very welcome, and thank you.

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