Wheels of glass

Wheels of glass

DJ’s are a popular function of any party, but they really have peaked at events over the last while, becoming truly larger than the music, a grandiose expression of mans desire to lift up and praise those who succeed in what that man can only dream of. And with this rise in power came with him the DJ’s tools- Turntables, wheels of steel, or in recent years perhaps wheels of plastic, spinning vinyl and CDs respectively, impressive by day, amazing by night. Lights, bells, whistles and knobs, twisting, turning, doing god knows what most of the time, but regardless -making magic on the dance floor, producing vibe in the darkness.
But times are changing…

That man we discussed earlier, once belittled by the star, is now, by the power of technology, creeping up quickly. iTunes his new Dj, Facebook his new crowd, new artists are arriving able to produce, and to astound.
What will the Dj do next to take the crowd on an even more impressive journey? Well, only time will tell, but without doubt, he will be using these ‘wheels of glass’ spinning mp3s.

Symbolise the shift in times, With one these cool new cases, only available from coolthingsonline


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