Virtual Me

Virtual Me

The last 6 months have been hard work! But- has been great fun too.
The goal of this period was to produce a network of sites that essentially do the hard yards for me, while I focused on the customer and producing the content being distributed.
All of this had to be operated and created on mobile devices in the cloud, opperate with zero overheads – yet still bring in revenue. No small task. But I did it.
I now have a network of sites that follow those exact rulings and is growing by itself.

Like all good shepherds, I wish to see this flock grow and develop at a more rapid rate than nature itself will allow, so now I will take note of what I have created and apply additional rules and regulations, to allow the real world to catch up with what I have created high in the Internet heavens. The next 6 months may be a little more down to earth shall we say.

For the moment, this store here: will be my main landing page for customers, and officially opens today.
From here I will focus on getting the funnel a little wider, the pages a little deeper, all the while keeping true to principle, that this is a virtual business, that operates purely within cyberspace.



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