Smart Watches, causing a stir..

COOL THINGS ONLINE ws0082701 Luxury R-Watch Bluetooth M26 Smart LED Watch with Dial  Call Answer  SMS Reminding  Music Player  Anti-lost  Passometer  Thermometer for Samsung  5

Smart Watches, causing a stir..

Theres no doubt about it, Smart Watches are growing in significance in the mobile tech world, 

and with the recent rumblings that Apple are set to launch a new watch themselves, excitement around this particular device is growing. 

This unit here:!product/prd1/2278435391/r-watch-bluetooth-m26-smart-led-watch is a perfect example of the pre-Apple launch, proving the devices are becoming very refined, minimalistic and ready for the broader consumer. A device that is able to blend into the consumer lifestyle, rather than stick out from it.  

All at a very affordable price point as well!

A sure sign wearable tech is coming of age;

-and we will be all wearing it before we know it. 




  1. olivierlehe · June 16, 2014

    Withings launches the Pulse and O2 Health overhaul its implementation Mate .
    The Withings Pulse O2 has a strap that can be worn like a watch. Like its predecessor, the Pulse O2 to track user activity , analyze sleep patterns and heart rate measurements . This improved version offers a vital new function: the blood oxygen level via an optoelectronic sensor LED on the back of the device – a first for the activity trackers . Knowledge of oxygen in the blood may be essential for climbers , athletes and people with respiratory conditions such as asthma or other lung diseases with pulmonary disease (COPD ) problems.
    If you are interested, I have posted an article about smart watch that you can read here:

    • Coolthingsonline · June 16, 2014

      without a doubt, the ability to track our health autonomously, will be the main driver of success for wearable tech.

      • olivierlehe · June 16, 2014

        I’m sure that you are right!

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