The Coolest GoPro Website Yet – it’s a long time in the making, but cool things take time.

The same could be said about the extreme action that GoPro Junkies capture with their HD, waterproof, snowproof, sillyproof, and just plain crazyproof cameras every hour of the year.

This constant stream of awe dropping stunts and angles, practiced and rehearsed, reiterates just how many people are on this heaving planet, for surely only a small percentage of people can be this risky and carefree in their adventures; or is this a sign that humanity is more extreme than most would care to suggest?!gopro-action-cams/c11ou

I personally believe the latter is true, with so many people given the opportunity to capture their experiences,  we as a community of like minded crazy people can share that which is common among us – we all are alive and life is itself extreme. (if only sometimes by way of an extreme camera angle..)

GoPro opens up a doorway, or more so a camera lens, that offers all people a way of capturing what they do in the weekends – things that most fellow workmates would never know their colleague even thought about doing, let alone just pulled a 360 backflip over the stark edge of doom in a quiet Aspen snowfield.. brings all these parts together in a wholesome tribute to these folk who dare to do, and offers all manner of models, options, accessories and media – including built in Instagram feeds allowing instant fame, by way of simply hash-tagging #GoPro in their Instagram Feed. too simple.

Everyone is extreme with GoPro – it’s simply a matter of proving it

So what do I do that is extreme you ask?

-I take internet to the edge – and bring you GoPro products submerged in coolness, at  – oh and I have a 500hp Skyline and 1100cc Jetski as well. (they are probably more extreme to be fair..)

now go be pro and check out this link!!!gopro-action-cams/c11ou


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