5 Cool things to take note regarding Android 5.0 – Lollipop!

Android Lollipop

So what exactly does Lollipop offers new cool features to the table?

1. Phone Guest Access – now you can let your friends or family borrow your phone or tablet without worrying of them reading sensitive messages or emails, viewing private (explicit, lol) pictures of you or stealing your hot friend’s number.

2. Screen Pinning  you can Pin an application or a game to your home screen, say a friend or your little one want to play a game, it will lock your phone to that one process, no notifications, no home screen, no lurking anywhere inside your phone.

3. Android Beam – well not exactly new to Android, but Beam with Lollipop is way way much better, versatile and much more easy to use, also much faster transfer rate .

4. Longer Battery Life – Yes, we all crave to have that device that have the juice to power us the whole week, though we know that is impossible but with the built in Power Saving mode in Lollipop promises us an extended 90 more minutes of up time.

5. Hidden Flappy Bird Game – we know you played this, why not play this even more – go to Systems Setting – About Phone then tap “Android Version” a lot of times – A large Lollipop icon will appear- Tap the circle part 5x then hold finger to it. – then voila!

What Android Lollipop Feature do you like most? Why?

Check out > http://bit.ly/1CwvpcO to know more what Android 5.0 Lollipop is all about.

A whole new bunch of Lollipop powered phones are coming to coolthingsonline.co.nz, bet your excited, so check us out this coming week.

www.coolthingsonline.co.nz – dream it. want it. have it.


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