You gotta have this! 25 – Multi Purpose Tool on your wrist.

Multi Purpose Watch

Introducing Leatherman Tread, a one of a kind multi-purpose tool that’s not only handy but also looking mighty cool, this comes in two variants – in highly professional looking Stainless Steel or the sleek and sexy Black DLC.

Tread consist of 25 essential tools that integrated in kick-ass looking bracelet, it has a variety of screw drivers, a box wrench, a hex drive, a sim card pick, etc. this also has our all time favorite tool – the bottle opener.

Links on this bracelet are also interchangeable to let you customize your tools arrangements.

Leatherman Tread is coming to CoolthingsNZ so keep a lookout on this page as  we will be updating this post

In the mean time we have lots of cool stuff and gadgets at our site CoolthingsNZ, for all things cool and savvy with prices that will make you go wow, go now, take a peek! – dream it. want it. have it.



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