Misplaced your Android phone? Let Google help you.


Yes, we all had that senior moment of misplacing our phone anywhere, be it in our house, office or a friends place and desperately have the whole group present help in searching for it.

Now you can use google and know exactly your phones location by using the steps below.

1. You must have Google App installed in your phone and have it logged in the same google account in your desktop computer.

2. Type in “Find my phone” in google search engine, it will load up a map screen for a few seconds and viola, it will show exactly the certain distance on where your phone is.

If you cant still find your phone, google even has the option of ringing the phone for 5 minutes on full volume, bet that will help.

Of course, location service and access to data or WIFI on the phone is necessary to use this feature.

Do you find this helpful or do you think Google must improve this service more? Sound off in the comments below.

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