5 Things on how 4G can change how you use your mobile phone.


4G offer quicker connectivity and can give phones sizzling speed rates to multiple clients at the same time. Those capacities open up whole new level of opportunities for a wide range of  mobile applications that can improve the way we live, keep us better connected, maybe even change the way we work and play. Furthermore, this gigantic development jump into 4G has been significant these past few years.

1. Yes we know you can use your 3G phone for video calls but most of the time it stutters and causes delays resulting to an awful video calling experience, 4G connectivity gives 4x the speed of traditional 3G, more consistent data speed rate so you can use those video calling apps like Viber, Facetime or Skype without any hassle.

2. With 4G, Youtube streaming will also see significant speed boost and decreased load time, now you can stream all those HD videos without waiting for them to buffer.

3. With the current advancement in phone camera, images now has enormous file sizes due to them being high quality, with the help of a 4G network you can now upload them in bulk with blazing speed, no more changing picture quality for the sake of faster upload time.

4. Streaming your favorite show from any TV streaming site like HULU or NETFLIX and beaming it to your living room HDTV will be now more faster due to 4G, no more downloading delays, what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

5. Old traditional 3G network is lousy for mobile network gaming due to its slow speed and high latency and in the gaming world, LAG is FATAL – but by using 4G Network, not only with its raw high speed connectivity, latency here is also reduced so you can continue your game winning streak without the worrying on when the next connectivity hiccup may occur.

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