What is an Android TV Box?

This little device called Android TV Boxes can make your big screen TV smarter!

Android Boxes pretty much runs the same software found on your android phone, these in turn transform your living room TV to mini computer operating with an Android OS.

You can now easily surf the web, stream movies from Youtube or even from your phone directly via Airplay (DLNA) to the living room TV, Skype call and watch shows from Netflix.

MINIX Features

With Google’s Play Store you have access to more than 500.000 apps and install them directly to your Android Box, not only you can use all those productivity application but also play HD Android games in your living room with your friends just like that Playstation Network.

androidtv gaming-coolthingsonline

Gaming on an Android TV Box

Okay, but is an Android TV Box hard to setup?

If you can connect a DVD player, you can setup an Android TV Box – it really is that simple!
And if you have ever used Android on a Smart phone before (Samsung phones like the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 All have Android) then you can use these boxes too, cool eh!

MXIII M82 Amlogic S802 Quad-Core 4.4 2GB-4

To maximize control and ease of use you can even add a bluetooth keyboard, an Airmouse or setup your android mobile phone as remote control via Infrared.

G270 Wireless Air Mouse with Keyboard

G270 Wireless Air Mouse with Keyboard

Android Boxes now comes in Quad core CPU’s paired with 2GB of RAM also with integrated graphics controller to ensure fluid and lag free usage on top of Android KITKAT OS, maybe this will be the last mini computer you will need.

Design-wise these usually comes in a black/white small rectangular or square box, which can be can be discreetly placed below or behind a TV.

MoreFine M1 Finger PC - Windows 10 coolthingsonline - 8

MoreFine – A Windows10 powered Smart TV Stick

They actually look pretty cool, and will quickly become a proud centerpiece in your home entertainment setup (or easily tucked away if preferred).

Of course we here at Coolthingsonline only want you to have the latest and coolest line of products so we listed down and compiled top level Android Boxes, powerful yet fashionable, top level specs yet on super cool low prices.


Minix Neo X7 Full Box Set

Check them out all here!

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