Cool Tron like headphones – Glow Laser Light!

glow-coolthingsonline nz

Laser light headphones that pulse to the beat of your music!

The first smart headphones with laser light technology has been in the works through Kickstarter.


Glow uses state of the art laser technology and Corning® Fibrance™  to make a vibrant statement. Use the Glow App for iOS or Android to control the laser intensity, so you can go bold or subtle depending on your mood.


This headphones doesn’t just look cool and futuristic but also packs all the bells and whistle of its high-end counterparts in the head/earphone department such as Beats and Marshall, this means its audio drivers will let you hear every high and low ends notes for that fully immersive listening experience!

This have a five-button controller clip designed for maximum control, you can adjust tunes, snap photos, reply to text messages without looking at your phone.

glow controller - coolthingsonline

Glow’s “early bird” price level of $127 is sold out, but you can still  pre-order here one pair for $159. They start shipping this summer.


Meanwhile you can check our current line of headphones while waiting for this awesome product!

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