The E1 – 4K Camera almost GoPro size with Changeable Lens.

Talk about serious compact photography, Z Camera, a Las Vegas based company took this idea one notch higher and created the “E1” through Kickstarter funding and already exceeded their goal of $42,000.00 and is currently sitting at $208,869 as of this writing.

e1-small-mft-camera@2x - 3

E1 offers the best of both worlds, from the portability and connectivity of a GoPro, to the flexibility and usability of traditional DLSR camera.

e1-small-mft-camera@2x - 1 - Copy

The E1 comes with a micro four-thirds lens mount that can handle a wide variety of lenses from world renowned brands like Olympus, Sigma, Lumix, Panasonic and Leica, so if you have them lenses you can mount them in the E1.

e1-small-mft-camera@2x - 2

Connectivity is also a plenty with E1 as this is equipped with WIFI and BLUETOOTH 4.0.


You can still head on to their Kickstarter Page and pledge to this awesome device, the $449 and $549 options are all sold out but you can still get some slot on the $599 variants upwards, target delivery of E1 is late November or early December this year. – dream it. want it. have it.

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