All About Cool Things


We’re excited to have you join us here at Coolthings! We’ve scoured the globe searching for the best brands just for you. Products that we can trust- Products that we are proud to call cool.

Our goal is to fit seamlessley into your online shopping experience, re-defining the process, eliminating the unnecessarily, streamlining the boring- giving you what you need fast. Making the online shopping experience exciting, bringing you the future -bringing you Coolthingsonline.

We have a huge selection of products with a burning desire to be sold, and sell they will. At the prices we offer, it brings new meaning to the term HOT DEALS!

If you’re looking for something that’s completely unique, click the CONTACT tab and drop us a line!

Still looking for more?

Join our VIP Members club for access to exclusive products, further discounts and you’ll feel like you’ve just won the lottery and it’s FREE!

When it comes to social shopping, we know you want cool things
-thats why we’re here.

Dream it. Want it. Have it.

– Paul

Coolthingsonline Ltd.



  1. Kim 24/7 in France · May 6, 2013

    Thanks for much for visiting my blog, and all the best for yours!

    • primopromo · May 9, 2013

      my pleasure! keep up the good work Kim! 🙂

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